Easy Family Dinner Recipes!

Inviting the entire family to cook dinner on a weekly basis will not only help you out in the kitchen, but will also make for great family memories! Your child can benefit greatly from learning how to cook at a young age. Gathered are some easy family dinner recipes to try for your next family […]

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Introducing Dr. Natalie Lambajian-Drummond, MD, and New Products

We’re excited to introduce Natalie Lambajian-Drummond, MD to the OZzzz’s family! Dr. Natalie is a respected, board certified pediatrician. She specializes in natural and Integrative Medicine and she’s a big fan of OZzzz’s Sleep Aid for Children. Dr. Natalie will help us with the new product formulations to help children. “Dr. Natalie” was raised by […]

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Fun Family Activities!

As the return to school-time routine has decreased the amount of time your family gets to spend together, you may be wondering how you can bond with your family during the fall. We suggest you try these unique fun family activities to promote bonding: If you have not already heard of geocaching, you are missing […]

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Irregular Bedtimes and Behavior Problems in Children

While you may maintain a strict schedule for your child to promote your own routine, strict scheduling will also benefit your child as a whole. Children work very well with strict routines and schedules, as do their parents. Children without strict bedtimes and schedules tend to have behavioral problems. While allowing your child to extend […]

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Eco-Friendly School Supplies

As you prepare to welcome the new school year, you may be wondering how your eco-friendly tendencies can transfer to your back-to-school planning. Gathered are some helpful tips for eco-friendly school supplies that will not only benefit the environment, but your wallet as well: The majority of the items you purchase at the grocery store […]

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After School Activities That Can Benefit Your Child

After school activities can introduce your children to productive hobbies and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Activities for children can vary in time, costs, and competitiveness so it’s up to you to pick the activity you think is best for your child. Things to consider when choosing an activity are the cost, the amount of […]

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Your ADD or ADHD Child Can Succeed In School

Back to school time can be a difficult time for parents who have children with ADD or ADHD but it doesn’t have to be. Kids with ADD or ADHD need special help during the school year; use these tips for children with ADHD to help ease your child back to the school routine after a […]

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