Sleep Tips From The Sleep Experts!

Sleep Tips For Your Kids  We have all been there – you are exhausted and ready for bed when your child decides to be more energized than ever before! What are you to do? Here are a few simple suggestions for helping your child get ready to sleep for the night: Limit the amount of […]

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Holiday Tips & Tricks To Help Manage Your Picky Eaters

How To Manage Your Picky Eaters During The Holidays An upset picky eater can quickly ruin a holiday dinner! Holiday meals traditionally include dishes that your child does not eat very often. With this being said, they may be more than a little upset when they cannot find anything they like on the dinner table. […]

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Why Your Child Diagnosed With ADHD May Have Trouble Sleeping

The Relationship Between ADHD & Sleep If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, you may have noticed changes in their sleep pattern. Children with ADHD often have difficulty sleeping. In fact, clinicians say that about 25-50% of kids with ADHD have problems with getting into bed, and falling asleep. You may […]

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5 Tips To Prevent Overfilling Your Schedule On Weekends!

Weekend Scheduling Tips For The Busy Parent Weekends are typically thought of as a time period of general rest and relaxation. However, in the parenting world they can be quite the opposite! It is easy to find yourself overscheduling your time during your days off from work. Here are a few tips to ensure that […]

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5 Magnificent Tips for Motivating Your Kids!

Have your children been dragging their feet more than usual when it comes to completing daily tasks such as homework, making their beds, or brushing their teeth? If so, it may be worth your time to reevaluate how you motivate your children. We have created a list of motivation modifications that we believe are sure […]

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4 Useful Holiday Tips For Children with Autism

If you have a child with autism, you are probably an expert with regards to how to prepare and manage the holidays, and any get-togethers you may be planning to attend. However, the holidays can be a busy time! If you would like a few more recommendations, then here are a few tips that we […]

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5 Easy & Fun Ways To Get Your Childhood Education Outside the Classroom!

If your child is still at a young age, their brain is like a sponge! They absorb almost everything around them. With this being said, it is the perfect time to encourage learning. Regardless of whether your child is behind their desk in the classroom, they should be learning. It can be difficult to get […]

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